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Da Lat 01 Day 4 Seasons Summer Camp

Children aged 8-15

This year’s 1 Day 4 Seasons Dalat Summer Camp introduces a Family Workcamp edition aimed at fostering a sense of living together as a family for a week. By participating in the summer camp, children will be guided in practical household activities such as organizing, grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.They will also learn how to express their desires effectively, understand how to care for others to maintain harmony within the group and demonstrate their love for other members staying in the same house..


    Day 1: Warm-up
    Day 2: Paper Plane Farm: Harvesting, Cooking, and Overnight Camping
    Day 3: Watching Sunrise and Exploring the Primeval Forest
    Days 4 & 5: Community Activities at Mai Am
    Day 6: Emotional Connection through a 2 km Hike and Love Connection with GIZ Project
    Day 7: Understanding Oneself & Lessons on Gratitude


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    In the context of modern society, pressures from work and family responsibilities present significant challenges for parents. With limited time available, they aspire to accomplish as much as possible, sometimes even taking on tasks on behalf of their children. However, does this help children develop independence and self-care skills? How can children learn to do common household tasks themselves, thereby easing the burden on their parents?

    The Family Workcamp is born to address this need. We don’t just create a typical summer camp; we establish a space where children live together as a family for one week. Here, they go to the market, learn budget management, cooking, and organizing tasks. Additionally, they hone even more important skills: loving and respecting each other.

    The unique features of the Family Workcamp are as follows:

    Independence through small tasks: We believe that “The way we do one thing is the way we do everything” . From cooking rice, washing dishes, organizing clothes, to managing daily schedules, children will learn to be self-reliant and self-manage their lives.

    Love and Harmony:: At the Family Workcamp, children are not just friends; they are also a family. Here, everyone participates in volunteer projects together, shares emotions, and learns how to express their desires. Children will learn to love and care for each other to create a harmonious community.

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    Caring for and Protecting the Home: Guiding children in performing daily chores not only helps them understand and experience the effort their parents put in but also prepares them for the future as they grow older. If children learn to organize small tasks effectively at home, they will know how to organize and manage tasks in their future lives.

    Let’s join THT for children to experience the Family Workcamp and prepare for their future!


    1. Self-management skills through family chores organization activities
    I have discipline.

    I have organizational skills.

    Can I find inspiration?

    Can I regulate emotions?

    2. Emotional awareness through member connection activities

    What are my strengths?

    How do I feel?

    Do I affirm myself positively?

    Can I grow?

    Do I understand emotional metrics?

    3. Social consciousness through love-sharing activities at the “Mai am”

    I express gratitude.

    I accept different perspectives.

    I respect others.

    I am empathetic.

    4. Integration skills are practiced throughout the camp week

    Demonstrating communication abilities.

    Knowing how to collaborate.

    Exhibiting teamwork spirit.

    Leadership capabilities.

    Knowing how to seek assistance.


    Participants: Open to students nationwide aged 8 to 13.

    03 sessions of summer camp will take place in 2024

    Session 1:

    From June 2, 2024, to June 8, 2024

    Session 2:

    From June 16, 2024, to June 22, 2024

    Session 3:

    From June 30, 2024, to July 6, 2024


    Every day spent is a wonderful experience enriching the lives and understanding of children. It’s only when they set foot in unfamiliar lands, immerse themselves, and enjoy living in those spaces that they truly grasp and acquire significant lessons to develop their own lives and contribute to the community in the future.

    Jorge Uribe

    I am happy to recommend THT Summer Camp, because I believe is truly inspiring and transformative for young people. This camp provides a wide range of activities and experiences that help adventurous youngsters develop their skills, interest, and character.

    Trần Thanh Dung

    Life is a meaningful journey when you accept to experience, explore and fully enjoy every moment and opportunity.
    Dalat Summer Camp brings campers to new experiences, a gathering place and exchange between mysterious talents, promising summer memories filled with great happiness..

    Nguyễn Thị Tường Vy

    “The person who has lived the most is not the one with the most years but the one with the richest experiences.” Dalat Summer Camp promises you an experience you will never forget.

    Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trang

    “Just only studying isn’t enough? Let summer be a time with memorable experiences. Learning with practicing is the good way to have some time for ourself. Have your own time, say goodbye to the troubles of studying and enjoy summer camp with us!”.

    Trương Thế Khang

    Summer is the season of discovery and growth. Let your children freely experience, thrive and shine in the love of teachers and friends amidst the camp’s joy, and excitement with valuable life lessons in the summer camp of THT.

    Nguyễn Ngọc Thanh Bình

    “Life is not a series of sighs but the moments our hearts beat strongly.” When participating in THT’s Summer Camp, I truly experienced meaningful aspects of my life, especially witnessing the development of students in a vibrant extracurricular environment.

    Burggraaf Terence

    I wish to be a positive influence on a young student’s journey through life and I believe this is the way I can both contribute to that growth and give myself a meaningful career.

    Phạm Thị Kiều Trang

    “Summer is always the season of experiences, of the longing to conquer new things. To ensure these experiences are not confined to the flat world, the Dalat Summer Camp opens up new and unfamiliar experiences, allowing us to ‘Grow with friends, enjoy amidst nature”.

    6 years of experience

    Years of experience

    233 Experienced Teachers

    Experienced Teachers

    2000 Trusted by parents and students

    Trusted by parents and students

    Thank you Teachers!

    Check out the thank you notes and cute letters from the campers who have attended previous summer camps with THT.

    Phan Kha Tu

    Tu Anh’s Mom

    “Tu Anh has returned home. The first sentence is to ask me to register for next year please. Thank you teachers and teams for giving Tu Anh a meaningful summer and see you next year.”

    Cao Thanh Truc

    Gia Han’s Mom

    “Gia Han has returned home safely and is passionately telling me about her journey. I would like to thank the whole team and THT center for giving her a meaningful summer. Wish you always happy and healthy. See you next summer! “

    Tang Thi Hang

    Hoang Nguyen’s Mom

    “Hi Teachers, Oliver cam home from yesterday until now, keeps saying: “Mom, I’m so sad because I miss them a lot. Now what should I do?”


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